Lasting Love: The Secret To Long-Term Relationships

Lasting Love: The Secret To Long-Term Relationships

The problem with illusions will always be that disillusionment follows them like a shadow. In order to keep the dream intact we must turn away from reality.

Two young friends in India go of to make their fortunes away from their small village. In the course of years one is accidentally killed. The survivor comes across a wanderer who mentions he is going to the hometown village. The remainder of the pair of friends asks the traveler to convey a message [before cell phones} to each family, tell his own family of his great success and that he will be returning with enough to give them leisure. To the family of the his friend tell them that he died.

In the course of the travel to the village the wanderer confused the names and told the family of the dead man that he had good fortune and or his return. To the clan of the living man was told of his unfortunate death. The wrong family celebrated and the wrong family grieved.

Many things can be derived from this story.

Travel by bullock cart

What people call happiness and misery can be based on untruth. Happiness and misery that rests on what is untrue is under threat from facts. What happens when the living friend comes home.”

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