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Small.Kabir.coverI haven’t published on this blog for several months. I’ve been busy editing and publishing the new book The Relevance of Kabir. The book orbits the poetry of the radical 15th century apostate Kabir. His philosophy is viewed from a modern secular point of view which opens up his bold insights to a new audience. This book is now available for free at Smashwords. Please download a copy and leave a review a at Smashwords, Goodreads, Amazon and anywhere else!

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Excerpt from The Relevance of Kabir, 

“Let us contemplate human aspiration and consider side-by-side, a thrill seeker and someone meditating. In each instance, their methods arrest the day-to-day habits of the mind and cause an out-of-the-ordinary state. The daredevil takes great risks, but the spiritual seeker faces more subtle dangers in the maze of superstitious meaning added to non-typical sensations. The labeling and defining of spiritual experience not only invites spiritual egoism and competition, but, also, creates a struggle to chase better sensations or sustain satisfying experiences. The changing nature of experience renders this effort futile.”

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