Texas abortion restrictions reinstated on appeal

It's my vaginaHow astonishing that conservatives keep thinking they can control women with such laws. I saw a teenage girl walking in the freezing cold yesterday  in a mini skirt. For the sake of fashion this girl endured great discomfort. Imagine what she might endure in fear that the course of her life could be changed due to an unwanted pregnancy. Women have always found ways to end pregnancy, sometimes with tragic results.  Anyone who thinks women on the whole are going to be told what to do with regard to their bodies must not be paying attention.

 Clinics like Planned Parenthood that are being forced to close also provide many needed services besides abortion and those are lost as well.  In Conservatives and Black Market Abortion I discussed that women are simply going to Mexico or ordering drugs online,  so this law just makes abortions more dangerous. There could actually be far more abortions and lawmakers would not know because illegal abortions are not tracked.  It seems, yet again, ideas have become more important than people, and when I say people, I refer to women.

Published by Todd Vickers

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