Vindictive Verdict for Victim-less Sex

Shame on the Judge

and idealists who will not admit they are prude but will sentence a woman to five years for consensual sex with multiple adult males. Maybe she should loose her job for breaking a rule but not prison when no one got hurt. Not everyone fits in the bonsai pot of Texas ideology. Hypocrisy gives even stronger reason to question this judgment. How many strip clubs and prostitutes are in El Paso alone?

The Judge said the eighteen year old men suffered “psychological damage.” We  live in a world where boys can stroke it to quite popular videos of group sex on the internet. In other words, watching professionals live out fantasies vicariously. But a woman having an opportunity coupled with a desire and the will to seek it for pleasures sake won’t be tolerated. I can’t help but wonder that this verdict is motivated by a desire to appear righteous aka vanity or else envy because this woman did what so many only dream about. It’s not difficult to see why there is so much internal strife around sexuality, particularly for women. Women can be despised if they like sex and if they don’t like sex; the ideals place them in an impossible situation.

We see similar group sex in primates too. The sexual biological drive is treated as the worst of sin. Some people have a bigger drive than others in the way that some horses can run faster than others and some trees are taller. Variation is nature’s trial and error.

Consider this, very few people are willing to admit they are prude.

“What gardener would be so insane as to put a water-loving plant on a sun-baked mound and scold its lust for water as a mortal sin?”

By Dora Russell – Hypatia 1927 

     If there are any groups supporting an appeal of this sentence? I would donate.

 By Todd Vickers–abc-news-topstories.html

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