Demanding Habits

We can approach life like a vending machine that dispenses sex, success, affection, power, prestige, and so on. We have been taught to expect a return for what we invest, it will be evidence of who we are and the identity will be our reward. Yet problems arise when we put in for something and are disappointed. Instead of getting what we want, we get something else entirely, or worse, we lose what we gave and get nothing in return. We might throw a fit and feel stupid when we’re ripped off again. Now enter the spiritual hucksters, therapists, coaches, and priests that are always selling “How to get what you want from the vending machine of life.” Now if we don’t satisfy our desire, then we must be doing something wrong.

Release from this slavery can be had, although it doesn’t mean we will or won’t achieve our expectations. When needless habits of chasing identity cease to govern, the liberty belongs to us. 

Excerpt From Fresh Water Pearls

Published by Todd Vickers

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