We Need Comedians When Reasonable Gets Confused with Radical

Many of us enjoy when the late George Carlin or others rip on the foolish acts of those with power. The reasoning of comedians touches on radical but the Carrot n Donkeyfact that they are jesters gives them a pass. When a person of influence exposes the absurdity in public narratives without joking, they will likely be branded a radical. Consider the plight of professors who believe they must muzzle themselves to remain employed.

Our love of amusement shields critical thinking from persecution. Before Jeremy Bentham scrutiny had another name, sedition and its why Jonathan Swift wrote occasionally under a pseudonym even when using great humor. It’s a little odd that our love of the frivolous defends the means of exposing errors and deception.

Our critical thinkers including comedians will cross the line and invite attack, when they do they will need defenders in order to protect our chance to hear what others cannot or will not say.

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Published by Todd Vickers

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