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“Buffeting the Rich” answers criticism against Warren Buffett  for daring to suggest a policy of higher taxation for the mega-rich is better. Some have absurdly suggested the billionaire is invoking class warfare and infer he is a socialist. Recently New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said “he [Buffett] should just write a check and shut up” echoing the sentiments of Senator Mitch McConnell.

I show that in the earliest history, as far back as Hesiod, the rich have been criticized for ignorance leading to civil unrest. I cite the views and warnings of Nobel laureate economist Friedrich Hayek describing the dangers inherent in conservative movements and the Philosopher Karl Popper discussing when state action is not antagonistic to individual freedom but rather a defense of liberty. Against reckless capitalism I include the chilling words of Nikita Khrushchev stating his motives for becoming communist as a reminder of what can and has happened.

Recent effects of predatory capitalism strengthen my point. I show how these misadventures have worked against market capitalism. I refer to research from the University of Massachusetts proving some relevant conservative statements are false. I call attention to notorious exposés of corporate greed backfiring.

This article could correspond with a sidebar listing “blunders of greed” i.e. ambition that led to civil and political reactivity.

“Buffeting the Rich” is about 1000 words long.


“New Arguments for Comprehensive Sex Education”

“Mississippilawmakers passed legislation in March 2011 requiring public schools to implement an abstinence-only or an abstinence-plus sex education program by the 2012-13 school year.” This is one of the latest demonstrations of a social inclination that runs contrary to known facts.  My article will controvert the trend by scrutinizing three of the following often ignored beliefs of the abstinence movement on the grounds of observation.

  • It’s beneficial to repress the sexual impulse until adulthood.
  • The conditional reasoning in favor of abstinence has practical content.
  • To be married is superior to other alternatives.

In my article I will refer to Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. and his views on thwarted sexual expression to support reasoning in favor of uncensored education. I will discuss the palpable yet difficult to confront moral ideas to offer an explanation of beliefs that are contrary to known facts. I will show how the “apparent” successes of censored education can be misleading. More importantly, how misguided information, resting upon custom can lead young people into destructive marriages.

This article is a bold criticism


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