Paul Ryan’s lack of Moral Compass and Compassion on Abortion

Romneys VP pick is a piece of work.

Paul Ryan said
Rape is a “method of conception.”

He said this in defense of his views on abortion with no exception for rape. The video linked to his pic  ->


Leaving aside the trivial truism. I realize that thieving is a method of personal gain. That is not a reason to impose on the victims the cost of the police, trial and imprisonment of the perpetrator; in other words the aftermath.

Ryan’s moral compass is broken. If a woman is forced by the state to give birth to a rape child the insult to injury amounts to the rapist stealing about nine months at least, putting her body at more risk, lets not forget the cost, etc. There was no choice for a woman in the matter. Even more the emotional consequences of being seen in the culture as nothing more than an incubator once conception happens even by a rapist. It is women as a means to an end. Her biology is more important than her and her future and perhaps even her life itself may be forfeit because of falling prey to some rapist.

Now if you have not heard of this video make a point to share this disgrace of Ryan.

Here is

Paul Slansky discussing this at The Huffington Post

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