Church Victims

One more example of abuse of children in religious institutions. Last week yet another a revelation of Catholics castrating boys – Accuse a priest of molesting you and lose your stones. Now that is a code of silence.

The question is why it’s so easy for these ugly things to go on behind the mask of faith. The person of belief can ask themselves this question. WHAT WOULD IT TAKE FOR ME TO LEAVE A CHURCH? If there is an answer, then we are not dealing with fanatics. Some independent history may indicate the line was crossed a long time ago.

You don’t have to be religious to be either charitable or cruel. But when organizations hide behind diversions it’s time to take a closer look.

Religious or otherwise, a con man can’t chump you unless you trust him. Where you put your trust is a responsibility. Remember Bernie Madoff – he had a really nice office and pictures of himself with really important people and…and…and… People just turn their heads away from the criticism and believed what they wanted.

By Todd Vickers

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Rick Santorum is Mistaken

Mr. Santorum said

“Kennedy took words written to protect religion from the government and used them to protect the government from religion,” Santorum said, referring to the phrase “separation of church and state.”

The wars of reformation gave birth to a phrase that people now speak as cliché. Live and let live. This is a real reason for the separation between church and state.

 During the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre French soldiers and the Roman Catholic clergy fell upon the unarmed people, and blood flowed like a river throughout the entire country. Men, women, and children fell in heaps before the mobs and the bloodthirsty troops. In one week, almost 100,100 Protestants perished. The rivers of France were so filled with corpses that for many months no fish were eaten. In the valley of the Loire, wolves came down from the hills to feed upon the decaying bodies of Frenchmen. The list of massacres was as endless as the list of the dead!

 Idealism is an angel without eyes.

— Joseph Conrad

 Mr. Santorum the limits of separation of church and state is not determined by your religious beliefs. It’s about those who were murdered and suffered because of other peoples beliefs. It’s about about the money, land and spoils stolen from the victims of the all the inquisitions and those tried for witchcraft that was divided between the sovereign leaders and the Church.

The ignorance of the subject is a disgrace. Disrespect for all those who suffered. A pretense that the ugly viciousness wasn’t hidden behind a mask called faith.”

–By Todd Vickers

Content Copyright 2012 © Vickers Publications. All Rights Reserved