Ebola Denial is Like Climate Change Denial

The overwhelming majority of the public that denies either Ebola or Climate Change cannot check the facts.  Exciting conspiracy theory’s and reference to real and imagined evils can call into question any fact. This reason for doubt is not proof of falsehood as it is often treated. Example: “I do not believe Ebola exists because […]

NSA Corporate Spying Creates A Civil Liberties Opportunity

The recent revelations by Der Spiegel about our NSA spying on big American corporations got me thinking about the current lay of the land. If we couple this with the federal judge indicating the NSA Program Is Unconstitutional and the conflicting ruling from a New York Judge currently appealed by the ACLU, we see the […]

Opinion – EU Blocking U.S. Data Access After Spy Leaks

Original Comment on article at the Huffington Post “It seems the EU uses more leverage than most Americans to defend privacy, particularly the French. I think it quite possible that the Europeans will end up with more privacy from the US Government than US citizens will. 4th amendment of the US Constitution: The right of […]

Support Elizabeth Warren

Original version posted at Truth Dig as a comment. Elizabeth Warren reminds me of Florence Nightingale the great reformer who changed hospital systems for the better during the Victorian era. What Florence faced back then, Elizabeth now confronts, a phalanx of bureaucrats.  For every opponent that falters, one of a thousand will step into the […]

Good Writers and Bad Reasoning or When Liberals Shoot Themselves

Recent pieces by Matt Stoller at Slate and Chris Hedges at Truthdig are notable; both articles criticize Liberals who supported Barak Obama during the election. Each author lists important problems the current President failed to solve like erosion of civil liberties, the conduct of the war and climate change etc. I share their objections and […]

Women Are Watching What Men Do

Men will never face the risk of pregnancy themselves, thus the contrasts between the sexes are stark. The gatekeepers of life carry responsibilities that males can ignore. With female reproductive issues clouded by controversy, men would be wise to examine carefully the unique difficulties women face. If we overlook the problems, useful knowledge will elude […]