Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers

Study Finds Fox News Viewers Least Informed Of All Viewers

Writeonwater Commented 2 hours ago in Media
“Suggestibility burdens many of us. As long as this willingness to be led exists there will be people who take advantage of it. But doesn’t this happen on both sides? Yes and that remains valid argument against anyone who serves up fallacy as valid. But fox news has made it into an art form.
I am tempted to say that many Americans don’t recognize a fallacy’s like personal attacks, diversions, and conclusions that don’t follow from a premise, ect. I’m not sure that’s true because many who accept similar arguments against their opponents would not accept them being used against them and would call them out as what they are.
O’reilly has mastered changing the subject, building a straw man, slippery slope, but does he let his guests get away with that? Hell no, not if advantage will be lost. Take his statement “Occupy protesters are terrorists” Would he accept the proposition “Right wingers are KKK members” simply because individual members of the Klan are against progressive viewpoints? If you accept as legitimate argument against an opponent based on logic you would reject against your own position, (for good reason) then you lack integrity.”

— By Todd Vickers


Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Laws

Marissa Alexander Gets 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot

Writeonwater commenting at Huffington Post
“Mandatory-minimum sentencing laws are an example of the all or nothing thinking that seems to be gaining momentum with our contemporaries.They could be called don’t trust the judge laws.The thinking is archaic and simpleton. Take as an example, if one get’s caught stealing you lose your right hand. If a man steals everything a widow has and she is reduced to starvation he will lose his hand if caught. If she steals some vegetables to feed her kids as a result of the other mans theft she loses her hand too.

Is it justice? Your damn right it is. They are judged by the same standard. Is it fair? Hell no!

One source of the problem is the refusal to reason from particular circumstances and take refuge in a general rule. One of those courses of action requires discrimination, fact finding and weighing principles that may be at odd’s with each other. The alternative lets the work be done by a general rule laid down and enforced by authority that knew nothing (I mean NOTHING) of a current particular case.

Regardless of that authority being public opinion or that of a potentate makes little difference.

How many of us Americans love low effort thinking?”

–By Todd Vickers