The politics of climate change and monogamy

Originally published at Elephant Journal By Todd Vickers Accepting Polyamory as Natural might help us to Accept Climate Change. {Adult} For generations, we, as a society, have had a habit of simply ignoring or reinterpreting uncomfortable facts in order to make them more palatable. Let’s be willing to question our assumptions when the facts repeatedly […]

Texas abortion restrictions reinstated on appeal

How astonishing that conservatives keep thinking they can control women with such laws. I saw a teenage girl walking in the freezing cold yesterday  in a mini skirt. For the sake of fashion this girl endured great discomfort. Imagine what she might endure in fear that the course of her life could be changed due […]

Slane Girl and Sex as a Weapon

My heart to you Slane Girl. Women are often treated badly when something wild becomes public. Look through the telescope revealing that custom isn’t the center of the universe. If you want a more juicy life, find safe and conscious participants. If on the contrary, the partners are more or less traditional-hypocrites (those words often run together) […]

Opinion – EU Blocking U.S. Data Access After Spy Leaks

Original Comment on article at the Huffington Post “It seems the EU uses more leverage than most Americans to defend privacy, particularly the French. I think it quite possible that the Europeans will end up with more privacy from the US Government than US citizens will. 4th amendment of the US Constitution: The right of […]