The politics of climate change and monogamy

Two FacedOriginally published at Elephant Journal By Todd Vickers

Accepting Polyamory as Natural might help us to Accept Climate Change. {Adult}

For generations, we, as a society, have had a habit of simply ignoring or reinterpreting uncomfortable facts in order to make them more palatable. Let’s be willing to question our assumptions when the facts repeatedly give us reason to do so.

If we can improve this effort with something as close to us as our sexuality, perhaps it will be easier to extend such a critical grasp of the facts to controversial political topics…

Texas abortion restrictions reinstated on appeal

It's my vaginaHow astonishing that conservatives keep thinking they can control women with such laws. I saw a teenage girl walking in the freezing cold yesterday  in a mini skirt. For the sake of fashion this girl endured great discomfort. Imagine what she might endure in fear that the course of her life could be changed due to an unwanted pregnancy. Women have always found ways to end pregnancy, sometimes with tragic results.  Anyone who thinks women on the whole are going to be told what to do with regard to their bodies must not be paying attention.

 Clinics like Planned Parenthood that are being forced to close also provide many needed services besides abortion and those are lost as well.  In Conservatives and Black Market Abortion I discussed that women are simply going to Mexico or ordering drugs online,  so this law just makes abortions more dangerous. There could actually be far more abortions and lawmakers would not know because illegal abortions are not tracked.  It seems, yet again, ideas have become more important than people, and when I say people, I refer to women.

Binding Self Image

By Todd Vickers


Less than a silken-thread enslaves you if you believe true what you conceive of yourself. The strength of imagination becomes a binding authoritarian.

Slane Girl and Sex as a Weapon

The pic that launched a thousand insults

The pic that launched a thousand insults

My heart to you Slane Girl. Women are often treated badly when something wild becomes public. Look through the telescope revealing that custom isn’t the center of the universe. If you want a more juicy life, find safe and conscious participants. If on the contrary, the partners are more or less traditional-hypocrites (those words often run together) then the sex may get weapon-ized. Women are usually hit the hardest, as so many ladies have pointed out with the horrible double standard in cyber bullying.

This slane girl event demonstrates again that being sexually adventurous can be very risky for women. Men pay a terrible price for this fear. Some women who would otherwise be quite willing to dare, just to find out if something could feel wonderful, will have one eye open expecting some bullshit like internet mockery or worse. Many just give up the desire or need to get loaded to get beyond the inhibitions. Now we have wild but the sensitivity can be dulled. What a lousy trade off.

Having lived in open sexuality for two decades and also having been in a free love commune where WOMEN could be Oh so wild and respected. I say from experiences outside the madness, that this shaming repression not only FUCKING SUCKS.  It’s also unnecessary.

Pune, India - Osho Commune

Think before bypassing a safe free love environment.

Finding sexually mature independent people may not be easy but consider the alternatives, for example, some half or wholly drunk traditionalists who want pleasure but cling to prude ideas. These beliefs will arise like a cleansing penance for being “bad or dirty” sooner or later, a mild form might be a malaise of shame. The popularity of porn in the American Bible-belt exemplifies this to perfection.

I hope some sex positive women support this young lady (slane girl) as she did nothing wrong. Unfortunately, as so often happens, the sexual impulse may get the blame for an error of judgment. Granting maturity, consent and safety nobody has grounds to foist upon us any idea of how, who, or the quantity of those we should sex up.

Have some compassion for these bodies. They can be so filled with joy that they just tremble with it. I am skeptical of any who say they don’t want such delights. When we look below the surface we will likely see another face, perhaps of one who didn’t get what they wanted, or when they tried they were crushed. I incline to think that envy remains one of the chief culprits that stops the crowd from tolerating OPEN sexual ease-fulness.

Someone and moreover a female who worked at a public company would be wise to hesitate before openly saying something similar to the above.  This explains why sexually open people are not so easy to find.


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The NSA out for a walk

Wake Up America!
Remember the distinction between government and Amazon or Google, the state can kick in your door and arrest you. Power requires more scrutiny. Regardless of the FISA court getting around the 4th amendment, the fact remains that many in power use the rhetoric of terrorism to describe any who disagree with them. This NSA program seems like giving matches to pyromaniacs who say they will “be good” this time.

This would be a slippery slope argument if we didn’t have experience with this happening. I wonder what danger Martin Luther King posed to the state to justify spying on him. What did they think they would find?

The agency’s hidden tape recorders turned up almost nothing about communism.

But they did reveal embarrassing details about King’s sex life — details the FBI was able to use against him.

A diversionary personal attack.

Many Americans have now read the 4th amendment which, as written, has been or sure seems to be violated.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

I know this issue can’t be black and white but the good brought about by Snowden’s leak may outweigh any harm. It remains to be seen.

I guess a linguist must have been a threat. too

After Multiple Denials, CIA Admits To Snooping On Noam Chomsky

For perspective let’s remember that 9/11 and guys with box cutters got extrapolated into nuclear holocaust. The whole Iraq fraud and failure was built on “intelligence.” These people are not the ones to be their own quality control and oversight. As I understand the facts about 15x the number of people die of a MRSA staph infection every year than died in 9/11.

Can you imagine the kind of schools or infrastructure we could fund with what gets dumped into the kind of “intelligence” that led to the Iraq war?

What kind of craven mass have Americans become that we need to think we are protected from every banana peal we can slip on regarding terrorism. We are at far more risk driving down the highway. I am not saying we shouldn’t be smart about watching terrorists, but I dislike this “daddy daddy please save us from the bad men, I’ll leave my bedroom door open so you can see everything. Here’s my bottom.