5 Reasons to Question Monogamy at Elephant Journal

Let’s look at both monogamy and commitment with fresh eyes and consider five reasons to question both cultural ideas. Let’s not oversimplify the deceit exemplified by Ashley Madison. Widespread cheating suggests sexual impulses exist beyond monogamy. Many arguments against freer sexuality provoke fear and even persecution exemplified in slut shaming, honor killings and LGBT harassment. […]

Slane Girl and Sex as a Weapon

My heart to you Slane Girl. Women are often treated badly when something wild becomes public. Look through the telescope revealing that custom isn’t the center of the universe. If you want a more juicy life, find safe and conscious participants. If on the contrary, the partners are more or less traditional-hypocrites (those words often run together) […]

Lasting Love: The Secret To Long-Term Relationships

Lasting Love: The Secret To Long-Term Relationships The problem with illusions will always be that disillusionment follows them like a shadow. In order to keep the dream intact we must turn away from reality. Two young friends in India go of to make their fortunes away from their small village. In the course of years […]

Writeonwater: Let’s correct this error with a large unfounded assumption. –>

  Florida Mom Rebeca Seitz Writes Angry Blog Post After Seeing ‘Softcore Porn’ Ad On Morning TV “Let’s correct this error [Rebeca] with a large unfounded assumption.–> “Sex is a beautiful exquisite gift between two people who are married.” It is a beautiful gift for any number of mature people who can enjoy it without […]