NSA Corporate Spying Creates A Civil Liberties Opportunity

The recent revelations by Der Spiegel about our NSA spying on big American corporations got me thinking about the current lay of the land. If we couple this with the federal judge indicating the NSA Program Is Unconstitutional and the conflicting ruling from a New York Judge currently appealed by the ACLU, we see the […]

Surprising Suppository – Self Deception

Self deception can be agonizing. Most of us have witnessed ourselves or others thinking about some event and creating additional meaning based on our beliefs or prejudice. The significance we add can induce any emotion and be very compelling.  I will give some brief examples and let them stand for countless others. Then expose the […]

Texas abortion restrictions reinstated on appeal

How astonishing that conservatives keep thinking they can control women with such laws. I saw a teenage girl walking in the freezing cold yesterday  in a mini skirt. For the sake of fashion this girl endured great discomfort. Imagine what she might endure in fear that the course of her life could be changed due […]

Religion Frightening Children – A Journey Beyond Belief

In remnants left behind by a child, I came across a bookmark made for my father when I probably six years old. Green construction paper cut into a crude arrow scrawled with a cross on one side and the words Happy Fathers Day. Opposite a picture of a white Anglo-Saxon Jesus adorned the strip along […]