The politics of climate change and monogamy

Originally published at Elephant Journal By Todd Vickers Accepting Polyamory as Natural might help us to Accept Climate Change. {Adult} For generations, we, as a society, have had a habit of simply ignoring or reinterpreting uncomfortable facts in order to make them more palatable. Let’s be willing to question our assumptions when the facts repeatedly […]

The Vivriti You Tube Channel

Hello Friends, I haven’t posted for awhile. I’m in India promoting the new book. I’ve received support from the Vivriti Foundation. Part of that went to making a You Tube channel. There are ten videos so far ranging on subjects like sex, feelings and reason, human capacity, what is being progressive and more! Come have […]

5 Reasons to Question Monogamy at Elephant Journal

Let’s look at both monogamy and commitment with fresh eyes and consider five reasons to question both cultural ideas. Let’s not oversimplify the deceit exemplified by Ashley Madison. Widespread cheating suggests sexual impulses exist beyond monogamy. Many arguments against freer sexuality provoke fear and even persecution exemplified in slut shaming, honor killings and LGBT harassment. […]

Ebola Denial is Like Climate Change Denial

The overwhelming majority of the public that denies either Ebola or Climate Change cannot check the facts.  Exciting conspiracy theory’s and reference to real and imagined evils can call into question any fact. This reason for doubt is not proof of falsehood as it is often treated. Example: “I do not believe Ebola exists because […]

Why We Need Comedians

We Need Comedians When Reasonable Gets Confused with Radical Many of us enjoy when the late George Carlin or others rip on the foolish acts of those with power. The reasoning of comedians touches on radical but the fact that they are jesters gives them a pass. When a person of influence exposes the absurdity […]